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Northcross Capital is a World Leading ABCP Sponsor* 


Company Profile

Northcross Capital specialise in combining wholesale money market know how with client investment needs.

Our approach has successfully weathered an array of challenging events since inception, including the 2008-12 Global Financial Crisis, and more recently a number of Geo Political events.


Established in 2005 Northcross’s flagship product is the Anglesea Funding Commercial Paper Program. As a seasoned A-1/P-1 rated program Anglesea is a daily issuer of commercial paper in the US and European fixed income markets.


In 2018 the Avalon series was established allowing for similarly constructed programs to be templated. Longship Funding and Glencove Funding were launched in that same year and are today seasoned daily issuers of commercial paper. In 2021 Great Bear Funding was launched as the third Avalon program and in 2024, Mainbeach Funding became the fourth in series.


Northcross also consults on money market investment strategies in the form of segregated cash management mandates and bespoke conduit construction.


The Northcross Team have a broad and varied experience in all aspects of Money Markets, Repo, Portfolio Management, Asset & Liability Management, Interest Rate & Foreign Exchange Risk Management and Structured Finance.

* Source: J.P. Morgan, Bloomberg, S&P, Moody’s and Fitch. Sighted as No3 globally as of 31 December 2023

Note: Includes CCP, bank, and independent sponsored ABCP administrators

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